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I'm learning to love myself through Yoga

Hi y'all! We at Hello Colour have been working very hard to create a series where we can consistently share what we've been up to and create an open and healthy discussion around mental health and self-care 💕💅🏽

Apart from health professionals, finding others on the same path as me has helped me feel less alone and supported in my mental health recovery 💪🏽

I hope you know there's a group of people who would love to listen, support and learn from you as well. 🤗✨

And recently, I have been getting back into Yoga! 🥰🧘🏽‍♀️I find consistently showing up quite hard, especially on my low days, but the fact that “Yoga helps me understand, appreciate and love my body,” has me trying again and again, even if it's just for 5 minutes a day!

- Love Sravs 💕

So....Why is everyone so obsessed with Yoga?

If you need some convincing to try out yoga, here's our honest thoughts and insights!

  • It's chill (if you want it to be) & it still counts as exercise

    • Yoga is great for beginners! There are so many types of practices, and most importantly, it isn't cardio heavy (yus ~ looking at all of you who are too exhausted for cardio - we feel you )

  • There's something for every body type

    • Sometimes it's overwhelming to keep up with all of the intense workouts preached by fitness influencers, mostly because for a lot of us, they aren't doable and way too intense.

    • We love yoga because it can cater to all of us while still being enjoyable!

*side note from our merch team: if you’re nodding your head right now, we got you!

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