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4 Actionable Self-Care methods from Creatives & Professionals

We recently held a webinar in partnership with WeWork Hong Kong and Phenomenally Pink to share accessible, easy tools for mental health and self-care that creatives and mental health professionals use. And if you couldn't attend, we got you! We're sharing the main four takeaways from our webinar from each panelist!

The creativity and liberty of thought that art has brought along can never be explained in words.

1- Art as a form of Self Discovery - Laura Lezza, thequiteplaceart

This artist finds her everyday life balance in the shelter of art. Art is a form of self-expression for her that lets her bloom and be herself to experience the joy of freedom of thought!

2- Art as a form of Expression - Sravya Attaluri, Draw for mental Health

The founder of Draw for mental health has inspired us with the way she perceives art to me. Colours are more than an element for her. She likes to match her mood with Colours and doodle her emotions to best express herself! Such a beautiful approach to communicating emotions.

3- Goal Visualisation - Hiren Khemlani, Peak of mind

Psychologist Hiren Khemlani from Peak Of Mind is known for his mental skill training and believes that goal visualisation should be the main focus. Once the goal is set, be fearless on the journey embarked to reach that goal. He also suggests molding your behaviour that is best suited for your dreams and aspirations.

4- Art as a form for Community Expression - Jeff Rotmeyer, Love 21 foundation

Love 21 foundation is a charity dedicated to the interest of those suffering from down syndrome and autism in Hong Kong. Representing this organisation, we had Jeff Rotmeyer, and her insightful journey with art struck cords with everybody! The artist spoke of how the community uses art as a medium to communicate. Art can revive you internally and that is when your self-care and self-love will be seen by all. Bringing together the ideas from brilliant minds to achieve one goal will eventually lead to building a society that stands together in the support of self-love and self-care.

It was a delightful experience to see these brilliant minds come together and share their bit to inspire the world.

Our panelists were thrilled to speak of their journey and how art shaped their life. The webinar was a source of knowledge and excitement for all, which only gave us a broader path of art to walk on!

The next phase of our partnership will be our art show "Journey to self" opening July 7th in the WeWork Gallery at New Street, Shueng Wan, Hong Kong with additional physical and virtual activations for our global community to get involved.

Presenting vibrant contemporary art and design from Hong Kong artists, the Journey to Self exhibition considers the impactful role of creative expression for mental wellbeing and invites the public into an open dialogue. Showcasing artists and designers with a shared belief that art can and should be used as a tool for healthy expression, the show offers fresh perspectives on mental health, mental illness and recovery.

The show aims to create a reflective experience with interactive pieces that challenge harmful stereotypes and mental health and mental illness perspectives.

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- Ramyaa (@vibrantvein)


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