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Community Art Show in celebration of rising Hong Kong artists who advocate for mental health

'Journey to self’ is an art show in Hong Kong organised by mental health artist and activist, Sravya Attaluri who has cultivated a global audience through promoting artistic expression as a healing tool for mental health challenges.

Sravya and her organisation Draw for Mental Health have collaborated with WeWork Hong Kong and Phenomenally Pink on a campaign to cultivate the concept of positive mental health culture in Hong Kong, and more importantly to challenge and overthrow the “normalised” high-stress lifestyle HK residents lead. This art exhibition aims to promote accessible solutions to Hong Kongers, tapping into artistic expression as a proactive stress management tool or a coping mechanism.

The exhibition also aims to promote the overall art culture in Hong Kong and to celebrate local Hong Kong female and non-binary artists using different creative mediums such as, illustration, painting, graphic design, film and tattoos to advocate for mental health and self-care. The gallery exhibition which opened on July 8th on WeWork New Street offers a unique combination of digital and in person interactive pieces. Guests can explore various formats of art expression when navigating daily life struggles especially in the new normal, where 61% of Hong Kong adults currently suffer from poor mental well-being [2], with 1 in every 7 people developing a common mental disorder in their lifetime [3].

The gallery exhibition is the latter component to this community-first campaign which also comprises of a virtual workshop that took place earlier in June 2020 as a continuation of Mental Health Awareness Month, and an ongoing exhibit on the main window of the Lan Kwai Fong WeWork branch which features a range of female local artists including @thequietplaceart, @julieoolie_, @nicroquel.illustration, @joystudi0 and @breakfastinclub.

With the support of more local artists at Art Basel Hong Kong, Draw for Mental Health hopes to strengthen the overall appreciation of art and empower artists who speak up about mental health issues in Hong Kong in order to promote a more collaborative and constructive culture.

View full exhibition booklet below:

DFMH art exhibition booklet 2021
Download PDF • 10.33MB


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