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Draw For Mental Health is a community-first campaign from local Hong Kong artists to increase awareness about mental stress that Hong Kong residents go through. In the daily hustle-bustle, we believe that art plays an important role and acts as a coping mechanism that helps in dealing with day-to-day stress.

This campaign is here to empower artists who address these issues with their art and are trying to promote a collaborative and constructive culture to approach mental health. With this campaign, people will get a unique and fun approach to address their inner issues that are related to mental health, mental illness, and mental wellbeing.

Do not miss out on this event if you want to experience the real power of art and how deep its roots are.

The event goes on from May 31 to June 11 at the LKF WeWork building in Hong Kong.

The #drawformentalhealth campaign will see impeccable art from five talented artists, namely; Alexa, Nicole, Joy, Laura, and Julie.

These artists are based out of Hong Kong and they hold art as a talent that speaks loudly about mental wellness and breaks the stigma that revolves around it. Each of their artwork holds a deep meaningful story that is smoothly disguised in the form of colours and sketches. Each of them has a recognizable style of their own and various sources of inspiration that motivates them to create art more beautiful than before.

With the support of more local artists at Hong Kong, Draw for Mental Health hopes to strengthen the overall appreciation of art and empower artists who speak up about mental health issues in Hong Kong in order to promote a collaborative and constructive culture.

This beautiful event is only possible because of the event partners -

We as a community hope to strengthen the overall appreciation of Art and empower artists who speak up about these issues in Hong Kong.

@drawformentalhealth is here to support and celebrate artists who destigmatize & advocate for mental health.

- Ramyaa (@vibrantvein)


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