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The ability to turn your passion for art into a full-time profession is bliss. The endearing sense of independence you feel by doing something that you love with each ounce of your body is not just a mood elevator but a sign of self-love itself. We are glad to introduce one such artist, Alexa, from Hong Kong, who has curated a beautiful profession for herself with her love for art in the truest sense.

Artist Alexa truly enjoys her art and leaves no stone unturned in bringing out her best creativity in every form to keep her audience happy and engaged. Well, this is what gives an artist its due happiness.

“It’s my everything! Not only is it my passion/ hobby, but it is also my escape from stress and all the hard times.”

Alexa is an inspiration for every person who is trying to make friends with the artist within. Her work speaks of her bold approach towards things and her perception blows our mind every time, effortlessly. Nothing makes an artist happier than knowing that their creation is a source of happiness and inspiration for many. The existence of impeccable art has and will continue to bring a million smiles to society. Pretty colors and ecstatic designs are like food for the soul.

Alexa has a unique approach to art and she lets her artistic qualities flow smoothly. She did not spend much time thinking about the communication, rather, she went on with it like a smooth sail. At the beginning of her journey, she had collaborated with some local markets, and seeing the sheer smile on people’s faces as they held her stickers brought the feeling of contentment to Alexa. She says them simply saying “wow, this is cute” which makes me happy. Not only because they are complimenting my art, but my art makes them smile too.”

One beautiful thought that Alexa has passed on to everyone who is trying to find their inner artist is “Do it! And try in any way you want to! Art is fun and full of surprises. You may be frustrated or you may be thrilled, but you will never know if you never try.”

If you are in search of such immensely blessed artists or you are one of them and want to get yourself features, check us out at and let your art reach a million minds.

Here is a sneak peek into our conversation with her that helped us in understanding her journey to this happiness even better.

What’s your story? Where are you from and what led you to art?

“I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Art has always been my passion since I can remember. I have never studied art or design. Friends and people around me have always told me to do something with my art, or ask me if I can help them to draw or create something from time to time. So in May 2020, my best friend and I were having this chat and the idea of having my illustrations printed on T-shirts just came up from nowhere. And we created Breakfast in Club and I have used that as my platform to show my illustrations and animations.”

Every artist has their own style which makes them unique from the rest. We could not hold our excitement after looking at Alexa’s artwork and hoped to ask her about how she discovered her style. To this, artist Alexa says “I do different kinds of art, but for Breakfast in Club, I would say it is more casual and witty. I was doing mainly static illustrations and tried to make it food-related while telling jokes simultaneously, phrases like “you better KETCHUP”, or “NAAN of your business”. But recently I switched to doing more animation and different topics.

When asked about her inspirational source, Alexa mentioned that most of her inspiration comes from food-related items. However, she now has a broader horizon and is open to learning and absorbing new content from various sources other than food-related ideas. She focuses on all inspirations that can look mesmerizing when animated.

The wide horizon of creativity had made it possible for Alexa to ace her profession by creating art with freedom of thought and the fact that it all soothes mental wellness is a big win. Her art rejuvenates several minds and is an attention grabber for everyone who is looking for artistic means of communication.

How does your creative process help you with your mental wellness?

I have suffered from depression since I was in secondary school. I started to isolate myself from the crowd and couldn’t escape from it for a couple of years. During this period. Whenever I am depressed or want to escape from the world, I would draw and draw and draw. Even though some of those are dark, they at least calmed me down.

As the interview flowed smoothly, our curiosity had no bounds and we went on to speak to Alexa about what she eventually tried to communicate through her art and what message she wanted her audience to receive. Like any other artist, Alexa’s views on this won our hearts.

Art has no limits, which allows artists to show their emotions, either the positive or negative sides in any way they want to. I think it helps to show the purest and truest side of ourselves because just like art, our mental health status should not be anything we are ashamed of and should be shown in the way we want it to be.

After reading her journey of turning passion into a profession, we are sure you are feeling inspired, just like us. If you are already looking forward to connecting with the talented artist Alexa, find her Instagram handle her

For everyone who celebrates art, it will be a pleasure to check out Breakfast In Club. Every inch of that page is an ode to creativity and an adrenaline rush for anyone who wants to drown in the pool of art and creation. We hope you like it as much as we did.


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